UX nerd, information architect,
technical writer. Tango DJ, too.
Usability, design, documentation, human factors, identity and access management, IT communications, online privacy, typography, tango. Because geeks need to dance, too.
Hi. I'm Jessica Schilling.

Based in Boston, I'm a versatile UX practitioner, information architect, and technical writer with proven skills in UX design and analysis, writing for specialist audiences, web/print design and development, business analysis, project management, and more.


In other words, I'm captivated by how people use stuff and how I can make that stuff simple, intuitive and elegant.
Clients & CV

Here's what I've done so far.
With more than a decade of professional experience and a work history that's taken me across the globe, I'm able to demonstrate relevant, end-to-end expertise that exhibits both breadth and depth — in short, I'm a "T-shaped professional" who can thrive in any environment and deliver business value to your next project.

Educational background? Two honors degrees from the University of Colorado Boulder, backed by 10+ years of real-world knowledge.

What about software proficiency? Lots of stuff, including Creative Suite, Balsamiq, Sketch, OmniGraffle, Camtasia, HTML, CSS, Drupal, WordPress, and the usual suspects like Microsoft Office and the Confluence suite.

Download My résumé (PDF)
Fidelity Investments | Information Architect & Design Lead
Harvard University Information Technology | UX & Communications
University of Colorado Boulder | UX, Design & Communications
Lawrence (KS) Journal-World | Social Media & Online Integration
PlattForm Advertising | Web Designer
GoDaddy.com | Designer & UX Specialist
American Rental Association | Marketing Specialist/Project Manager
Inspiration Matters/Inspired Signage | Brand Lead & UX Strategist
Criterion Publishing Ltd | Product Owner/Editor
World Media Publishing Ltd | Managing/Production Editor
So ... want to see some things that I've made?
And of course, we all do things outside the office.
I Play Music For Tango Dancers.

Need music for your milonga, festival or other special event? I'd love to help.
ValenTango 2015 & 2016 | Portland, OR
Stowe Tango Music Festival 2016 | VT
BOSthón Marathon 2016 | Boston, MA
Albuquerque Tango Festival 2015 | NM
Denver Tango Festival 2013-2016 | CO
Burning Tango 2013 & 2014 | McCloud, CA
Hella' MEntal 2014-2016 | Thomaston, ME
Casa Tango Encuentro 2014 | Salida, CO
Port Townsend Encuentro 2015 | WA
Providence New Year's Fest 2015 | RI
Tango In Newport 2015 | RI
SpringFlingTangoThing 2011 | Kansas City
ARTango Dance School | Boston, MA
MIT Práctica | Cambridge, MA

Why Argentine tango?

As a tango dancer, one of my favorite aspects of our craft is the music. While tango tunes are an immediately recognizable vernacular to just about anyone, there's also enough waiting under the surface to keep a pair of ears (not to mention feet) busy for years. After spending most of my life deeply involved with music — as a college music major, a radio DJ, a classical and pop journalist, and a program annotator for the Hollywood Bowl, among others — learning to choose music to keep a milonga flowing seemed like a natural extension of learning to dance tango.

I was fortunate to hone my skills over several years playing weekly for the Lawrence (KS) Tango Dancers práctica; in the years since then I've DJ'd at a variety of festivals and milongas across the U.S., including strictly-traditional events, alternative-only nights, and everything in between. I'm always looking for opportunities to get people out on the floor, so please drop me a line if I can be of service at your event!

Cabeceo Visualizer

Ever wracked your brain struggling to remember the name of a song in a favorite tanda? Whether you're hosting an informal práctica or an elegant evening milonga, it always does your dancers a service if they know what's playing. My Cabeceo Visualizer script displays now-playing and next-tanda info for your dancers on an external monitor or projection screen. (And if anyone is interested in helping turn Cabeceo into a full-fledged, multi-platform application for the tango community at large, please be in touch ... I'd love to talk about it!)


In 2013, I co-hosted three special tango-themed editions of Musica Mundi and Corriente! for KGNU-FM in Boulder, CO. Listen to the January show (full two-hour broadcast) or the May and December programs (tango in the second hour) in the KGNU archives.
Now, here's the important question: How can I help you?
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I'd love to hear from you. Drop me a line and I'll get right back in touch.

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+1 617-871-9804